Monday, November 19, 2012

Come Back Captions #1

This new series will reach back into the archives and pull up a humorous caption from an old Just for Laughs. I may recolor the original photo or stick an extra item or two in the picture, just for the fun of it. I will give credit to the humorist and the date of the original post. And FYI, you can still post comments on any JFL in CC you want. I'm not following any set order - these will be random, like the electrical impulses in my brain.

Geraldo Rivera's not so great grandfather was beaming with pride after discovering what he had thought to be more of Calvin's hidden stash of Michael Servetus' book "On the Errors of the Trinity."
However, after opening the capsule live in front of the local media everyone soon discovered that he was actually in possession of Calvin's long lost septic tank.

(Thanks to Mike Anderson for this bit of humor from September 23, 2009)


  1. Thanks for the repost. I missed this one, and would have unknowingly regretted it.

  2. Some of these posts have several captions. I include the date in case you want to look up the other entries for this photo. Thanks for your comment!

  3. He's either going to get drunk on new wine and go over Niagra Falls in the barrel or he came up with a new still the Feds can't detect...

  4. That's a stinky find!

  5. Well, we'll finally find out if Calvin had worms.


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