Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gospel Tracts

I have written and illustrated Gospel tracts for years. If you have children that on Halloween night have brought back a cartoon tract or two, more than likely it was either mine or Ron Wheeler's. Most are out of print at The American Tract Society. Good News/Crossway still prints some of mine...but, as of late, their cartoon tract sales are down. Do me a favor and send up a prayer for my free-lance business (now is better than later). You can view the full text and cartoon pages of my tracts for Crossway here:
Click here to view a few'll have to search by author.


  1. You tell us to look at your tracts at Crossway, but we will have to search by name. It would help if you gave us your name...

    1. Sorry, it's Eddie Eddings. And Crossway doesn't carry as many cartoon tracts as they used to. They used to have ten of mine (I think) and now it looks like they are down to two.
      ATS has done the same. It's easier and less expensive to do tracts based on movies with only one fold. (Cover and three pages of text.)


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