Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How it all began

One day, as I was googling with my Amish-built computer, I discovered one of my cartoons I did many an eclipse ago. I decided to either drive off a bridge or update and publish. I chose the latter after weeks of therapy. Using my special Photoshop powers I acquired during a meteor shower in Smallville years ago, I began updating many other cartoons I had in my un-updated brain. I contacted friendly Phil Johnson, who laughed and pointed me in the right direction. (Grace to you, Phil). If you ever find the old versions of my cartoons on the internet...just step away from your computer, get into your car, and drive to a local pharmacy and order a bottle of Milk of Amnesia.


  1. I thought that I would take a tour through the Eddie Eddings hall of unnatural history.

  2. Reached the end. Thank you for making me laugh!!!

  3. Echoing Witek, I've reached the end of the internet.


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