Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog List - Join in


  1. Recently came across A Twisted Crown of Thorns; and, The Association of Historical Baptists



    1. Some good stuff Doug!


  4. My personal blog:

    This one is a huge mishmash. There's better stuff in the archives than I've been putting up recently, but hey, if it's new to a reader, the archives are all there. A combination of crusty conservative politics, devotional thoughts, theological theorizing, and occasional posts on Southern Gospel music, which is a quirky taste of mine to go with the rest.

  5. This is the group blog to which I contribute a lot.

    Our contributors are a mix of Catholics and Protestants. We have I think more Catholic contributors than Protestant, but I actually write most of the posts (by chance), and I'm Protestant. Mostly conservative politics, some political theory, some anti-jihad stuff, keeping up with pro-life news--a real mix.

  6. I highly recommend Wesley J. Smith's blog Human Exceptionalism, now hosted on the National Review site. Smith keeps abreast of all sorts of end-of-life issues and biotechnology and bioethics issues--and he's on the side of human dignity and human life, which is rare today. Less often he will post on abortion. Mostly it's things like surrogacy and IVF and end-of-life. He's meticulous, smart, and has his finger very much on the fluttering pulse of Western civilization. It's not exactly a cheery blog to read, but if you are interested in those issues and want to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones and also how to explain your concerns with real-life examples and illustrations, Smith is your man. Great content.


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