Monday, November 11, 2013

FREE BOOK for All Who Kindle

Relentless Love: Unfolding God's Passion, Presence, and Glory by Thom Gardner, is a once-in-a-lifetime book.
If you read his book devotionally, and pause to reflect as he asks you to after each chapter, your perception of God's mercy toward you can transform your relationship with Abba Father into something beautiful and your experience
with others will change as well. Gardner says "Mercy causes us to stick like glue toward each other." He says "Love is not really love without mercy." Read about how Jesus literally became the mercy seat, and His encouragement for us to give out mercy generously, even extravagantly, "because our Father owns the candy store." God spoke to Thom and told him mercy is like the honeysuckle bush that grew on his property. It not only smells good, but it relentlessly spreads (even under fences) and takes over the whole yard!

The greatest thing consumed by mercy is the distance between two hearts, as seen in, according to Charles Dickens, "The greatest short story ever written," The Prodigal Son. Gardner does a great job bringing new insight into The Prodigal Son story. For example, learn why the Father called out for his robe to be brought out 'quickly', before the servants could reach his son. (story found in Luke, chapter 15, explanation found in this gem of a book.)

Like a fire on the alter of sacrifice, when we forgive someone, our flesh is burned up. When we extend mercy, we make ourselves weak and vulnerable to the needy. We are surrounded today as much as ever with people who are battered reeds and smoldering wicks-people crushed, flattened, and bent over with just a hint of smoke, but no flame. (Matthew 12:18-21) This book should be in every home in America and every classroom and bible study. More than that, it should be in every heart, read yearly, and passed down generationally.

Put your order in for the FREE book HERE.

Disclaimer: I am posting free books before I have read them. Any views or theological content presented in these books are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Calvinistic Cartoons.

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