Friday, October 3, 2014

Random Word Writing Challenge #63

Turn these four little words into a very short story.
Bonus Challenge: Can you name the four in the photo?


  1. I think the middle two are shirley temple (not-yet-black) and mickey rooney. Here's what Mickey is saying:

    So hey, Shirles baby, check this out, I got this great idea for a movie, you won't even believe it! There's this mean lady, like witch mean, and she rides a bicycle, but then like she really is a witch, and she has evil flying monkeys, and then I show up with my guitar and sing some funny songs -- CURTAIN! Whaddya think, babe? Can you pull off Kansas farmgirl? You know any good jokes? Ah, you're right, a movie like that would flop like a flounder out of water. Who would ever pay to see a flying monkey?

    (It's theological because he said the word "believe")

    1. Hah, I just did a google search for pictures of shirley temple and mickey rooney, and I found this photo shoot right off. At first I couldn't tell who that girl on the right was, but other photos from the shoot show her facing the camera and it's obvious... that makes my little story 87% funnier!

  2. Uncle Laban, what kind of monkey business is this?!?! I wanted to marry Rachel and you give me Leah, instead? Now, you say I can marry Rachel too?!? I can't strum but one guitar at a time, if you know what mean. And where am I going to find a bicycle built for three? Well, I'll go through with it, but in the end, I swear, the joke's going to be on you.

  3. Nice! And 57.8 times more biblical than mine.

  4. Ironically, MGM wanted Shirley Temple to play the part of Dorothy before Judy Garland was even considered. They were willing to loan out Clark Gable, who was under contract with MGM, to seal the deal.


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