Friday, October 17, 2014

David Crane (6 of 6)


  1. I have a sartorial question (meaning a clothing question). How can Waldo's mother be dressed in tight, black, capri style pants and a shirt that shows her midriff in a strip drawn in the 1950's? Even Grandma's sun dress with completely bare shoulders would, I think, have been a tad risque for the time, would it not? Something does not add up here...

  2. Good observation! Although the comic strip started in the 1956, Creig Flessel took over the artwork 1960. David Crane ceased publication in 1971. I am not sure the date of this particular strip but it falls in that time period between '60 and '70.

  3. I'm really surprised at the bare midriff. Everything else I could more readily write off as my own lack of knowledge of styles, but that's really something. And to a church picnic! Makes me want to see if Mr. Google tells us anything about the origin of bare midriff tops.


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