Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random Word Writing Challenge #45

Be creative with these four words.


  1. The rain came down like the clouds were angry at humanity. The constant beating made the glass shake with fear. The lights went out as if they knew to hide from the coming doom. My medicine scampered everywhere when the bottle broke as it hit the linoleum in my kitchen. We had all heard the reports of the monstrous comet heading for earth.
    Someone told me weeks ago about a prophecy in Revelation. I never believed it would happen in my lifetime.

  2. TwiceBornDude Fights the Fever

    "You'll never defeat my Unitarian Universalism!!!" Fever laughs as he fires again at TwiceBornDude. "NEVER!!!"

    "Looks like it's time for you to get some medicine!" the sidekick declares, his powered exoskeleton blasting a hefty dose of Holy Comet in the virus's direction.

    "What, do you think I am made of glass?!" the villain gasps. "Now I will fill the skies with my rain of pain! AHAHAHAHA!"




    "Double Holy Comet, on the double," I order my sidekick. "Nice work on holding him off."

    He nods as we unleash our flurry of miniature comets, forcing the archfiend to exit the vicinity at a rapid pace.

    So, for now, at least, CalvinistVille is free of Unitarian Universalism.

    "He'll be back," TwiceBornDude states solemnly. "Heresy always is."

    I smile weakly. "Nothing new under the sun."

    "Speaking of sun, RebornMan, let's go grab some SunJuice!"

    "Now you're talking!"


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