Thursday, August 23, 2012

God's Sway

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  1. I preached a series on Jonah awhile back where I pleaded with the people to not let it get to the "big fish stage", and brother, that fella in the sleeping bag is one big fish for that bear.

  2. Wow! That's an awesome way to motivate!

  3. Jonah has always led me to ponder the mercies of God. For me, the big thing isn't the but about being swallowed by a big fish, but how, at the end, God asks,
    "Thou hast pity on the gourd, for the which thou hast not laboured, neither madest it grow; which came up in a night, and perished in a night: And should not I spare Nineveh, that great city wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand; and much cattle?" (Jonah 4:10-11)

    When I was at Covenant Seminary, everyone needled our homiletics prof, Dr. Raeburn, who always said we must never end a sermon with a question. We always kidded him that he would've failed Jonah on that score. He always took it in good grace.


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