Thursday, August 18, 2011

Classics #33


  1. And the Testa-mints! Don't forget those!

  2. "We will see each other again in six months Sweetie, Deo volente."

    "Meaning, The days are violent?"

    "Meaning, GOD WILLING, YOU DOLT!! Uh....I mean, 'Sweetie.' "

  3. Today, is the annual celebration of my wife becoming ageless. We are presently in Bangkok, Thailand where we will rejoice at another year gone by. My wife, Mary, has ceased aging years ago, but I, of course, continue to age a day at a time.
    As I stated in the original posting of this work, I Photoshopped my wife and myself into this work of art.
    We both love the artist who painted this masterpiece. (I would look a lot more intelligent if I had done an ounce of reseach and posted the name of the artist in my last statement...but, it's breakfast time and I have to speed down to the hotel restaurant and grab some pancakes and bacon!)

  4. Oh, and honey, don't forget to get me a large sweet tea when you pass by Chick-fil-A.

    Man: Dear, it's Sunday. I won't be getting Chick-fil-A or Christian books.

    Woman: Oh, drat.

  5. "Is that another book?"

    Love it!

    And great story. :-)

  6. "...I Photoshopped my wife and myself into this work of art."

    Oh, of course! The helmet! How did that get past me?

  7. Ah yes, if only Christian bookshops still sold Christian books....

  8. if only Christian bookshops still sold Christian books....

    They do have some fine Praise CDs, nice greeting cards, and attractive cups and plates with the lyrics of El Shaddai printed on them.

  9. @Eddie

    That was you and Mary??!!

    I'm sorry that I had her calling you a "DOLT."

  10. They have pancakes and bacon in Thailand?

  11. Do you eat your pancakes and bacon with chopsticks there, princess bigfoot!

  12. The comments are almost as good as the classic. Well done, everyone!


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