Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random Word Writing Challenge #55

In celebration (I celebrate everything) of RWWC reaching number 55, I am stepping up the word count to 5. See what you can do to create a short story using the words above. Extra points if you can make it humorous and with some theological potpourri. 


  1. I shall do this tomorrow for great justice.

  2. The Hyena Tent

    "What exactly is this thing?" pastor Jason Fielding inquires, scratching his head and examining the tent up and down.

    "It's a tent!" the mustachioed salesman replies simply. "And it's just what YOUR church needs! By the way, I'm Mike Michelson."

    "Jason Fielding. So, what is it?"

    "It's a hyena tent!"

    Jason coughs. "A what?"

    "A hyena tent! A tent full of hyenas!"

    "How exactly is this going to help my congregation?"

    "Simple! It's exciting! We have a plan that goes with it: an African version of the story of Daniel where the pastor gets thrown into a pit of hyenas instead of lions. It's a great play."

    "...What is this thing called?"

    "It's called, 'From the Ministry to the Menu.'"

    "Creative title."

    "We aim to please. So, how much do you want for this thing? It works like a dream, I tells ya - Billy, get over here, the man wants to see our testimonials! We've got an chiP - I mean, iPad just for it! 1480p! HD!"

    "I don't want to see any testimonials," the pastor retorts, going for his Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. "But I am going to preach the Gospel to you two - without any gimmicks."

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" the peddler exclaims, waving his hands. "Did your brain cave in or something? This is the deal of a lifetime! Only $19,995 per service, man!"

    "I don't think he's convinced," Billy whispers to his boss.

    "He's all yours!" Mike chuckles, shoving his underling into the man right as he begins to Way of the Master him. Don't worry, Mister Fielding - we'll take another sucker of a wolf who will make up for you...

  3. It seems so real.

  4. It seems surreal.

  5. It was based on a true story. ;-)


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