Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Benny Finney's New Film

Benny Finney is about to begin filming a new Christian sci-fi movie he calls "Honey, I Shrunk Nigel Pettibone". It's an allegory of one man's fight against the "onslaught of Calvinistic theology".
Nigel actually agreed to be shrunken to the size of a stinkbug for the film. The shrink-ray bazooka was invented by Finney's favorite inventor, Nukola Tisla, who for some reason can't be found for comment.
Benny claims this film will win more than six Christian Film awards and will be the catalyst for a coup against the "new breed and the old breed of Calvinists in my blessed homeland."
Elvis Wesley will not only do the soundtrack, but will play several different roles in the film. Mr. Finney will do a cameo appearance as a mad clown in a house of mirrors. 

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