Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Modest Proposal

There is a certain book on apologetics that I am drooling over at the present. Having funds below sea level, I have a proposition that I hope will sound fair to whomever is interested. Here it is:

You send me a ten dollar Amazon Kindle gift card and I will create for you the following:

Three steampunked photomanipulations of photos you email me. This could be you and two family members or three friends. Only exception to the rule is if you send me a family portrait and you have four or five in your family and want everyone included. If there is room in the photo(s) you send and you would like Corky Velveeta to appear, then just let me know. If you allow me I will include the photo(s) in my blog under "Friends of Calvinistic Cartoons".

-----Step 1   Send the gift card via email by going to Amazon and creating a gift for Eddie Eddings. My gmail address is:

-----Step 2   Send me your photo(s). I will photoshop them like the Steampunked series. So include the names you want (Steampunk Sally, Steampunk Bob, Steampunk Larry, etc.) and within two or three days you will have them back completely steampunked. These will make great screen savers, wallpaper or novelty gifts. 

If this becomes an embarrassment, I will have to travel back in time and delete this post before it ever happened.
Don't hate on me people, I can't just drive to a Christian Bookstore in Kuwait. All my books have to come digitally.

Here is an example of a parent who took advantage of the offer.
The kids were thrilled and are now scientists.


  1. If I could travel into the future I would slap you in the face with a white glove.

  2. I don't want the photos but watch your inbox for a gift just because you're my long time friend and Christian brother.

    Wallace "Truthinator"

    1. “My Best Friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.”
      ― Abraham Lincoln

      You are a great friend. Thank you for your kindness.

  3. Hey this is a creative idea, I hope you get many takers!

    1. Thinking a little more, I'll take that offer! Sending an email...

  4. Hey Eddie, are you really in Kuwait or have you recently moved to Nigeria?


    1. I've been living in both places simultaneously. It's not easy but somebody's got to do it.

  5. Here is an example of a parent who took advantage of the offer. The kids were thrilled and are now scientists.

    Just in time, too, they were previously on track to becoming an Art Historian, a Lemur Trainer, and one was even planning on becoming an Arminian! That's all fixed now, thanks to Eddie Eddings and his photoshop kung-fu, or can I abbreviate pho-fu?


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