Monday, June 4, 2012

Arminianism Poster of the Month


  1. Excellent photo! That pretty much sums up Arminianism. It has more in common with Roman Catholicism than with biblical Christianity.

  2. Love it, especially in light of the new "controversy" stirring in Southern Baptist circles over soteriology. May have this framed!

  3. Sorry, I can't get into that. Ridiculing other believers is not in the spirit of John 13.35. I've called Arminians on their utterly vicious anti-Calvinist screeds, too, so don't feel singled out.

    1. The best satire does not seek to do harm or damage by its ridicule, unless we speak of damage to the structure of vice, but rather it seeks to create a shock of recognition and to make vice repulsive so that the vice will be expunged from the person or society under attack or from the person or society intended to benefit by the attack (regardless of who is the immediate object of attack); whenever possible this shock of recognition is to be conveyed through laughter or wit: the formula for satire is one of honey and medicine. Far from being simply destructive, satire is implicitly constructive.

      This mild satirical poster was aimed at Arminianism - the philosophic worldview.

  4. Always problematic when something is described using an "ISM". :)

  5. Arminianism is another gospel. It is essentially a gospel of works righteousness since even the first step of "saving faith" is that the wicked sinner gives himself the gift of faith and repentance. Worse, the sinner must persevere in his own strength and cooperate with God. Essentially, God is unable to cause someone to believe, repent or persevere. Salvation is all up to you. Hope you make it.

  6. I love it. It speaks volumes and truth!


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