Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Wall


  1. This brings to mind discussions with the anti-label folks. I've been asked by Christians what I believe and I will go through a short list of positions that are foundational to my thoughts so that they have a functional understanding of what I believe. Then I get criticized for using labels. I figure one of the following must be true:

    a) They are embarrassed to not know what the labels mean and react with proud indignation to hide the fact.

    b) They disagree with me on what they perceive is a very controversial label, but want to avoid the discussing it so they bring up labels as a red herring.

    c) They think the labels represent unimportant areas of theological thought and think that denying labels as a matter of [false] humility is the moral high ground as being more essential to theological discourse.

  2. He sees great men of God. She sees guys wearing funny hats.

  3. She also sees men with beards like Eddie who's possibly going for the Knox look right now.

  4. Only Eddie and his beard are missing from this wall of pictures.


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