Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Wall


  1. This brings to mind discussions with the anti-label folks. I've been asked by Christians what I believe and I will go through a short list of positions that are foundational to my thoughts so that they have a functional understanding of what I believe. Then I get criticized for using labels. I figure one of the following must be true:

    a) They are embarrassed to not know what the labels mean and react with proud indignation to hide the fact.

    b) They disagree with me on what they perceive is a very controversial label, but want to avoid the discussing it so they bring up labels as a red herring.

    c) They think the labels represent unimportant areas of theological thought and think that denying labels as a matter of [false] humility is the moral high ground as being more essential to theological discourse.

  2. He sees great men of God. She sees guys wearing funny hats.


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